Two Little Italian Girls by a Village shows an extraordinary demonstration of his ability to completely transform an outwardly ordinary day scene into a vibrant and exquisite vision of colour. In the distance, while viewing the oil canvas painting, the dome of Capri's Santo Stefano church in a cream-like colour behind a white stone wall stands out. A small little girl is seen at the near front wearing a mauve scarf on her neck. Besides her, on the ground is a basket filled with oranges. This is the same girl still painted by John William in An Orange Garden. The second little girl is further behind, leaning on a stone-made feature. These two girls seem to be communicating with each other, and this is supported by how the girl in front has her hands on her waist, with both of them facing each other. William has used a vibrant pallet of colours consisting of different shades of green: from lime, pear basil, and even seaweed green.

The tree barks show realism achieved by his various blends of brown and white. The sky is a lively blue with no clouds, which expresses that it was a bright and sunny day.The artist obtained his inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, who had their peak of fame and adoration in the mid-nineteenth century. Even after several decades of this brotherhood, Waterhouse still found their style of painting intriguing and portrayed the same techniques in his works, therefore, becoming a crucial inheritor. His style was also complemented by the impressionists, who were his contemporaries. His love and passion for myth and classical history played an essential role in creating this breathtaking piece. The artist also admired Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, who shared a majority of his passions.

His central theme is creating a compelling composition that is able to capture viewers by its sheer simplicity and beauty. The Two Little Italian Girls by a Village has the capacity to transport a viewer into a world full of myth and new curiosity. The artist has influenced so many artists with this piece, and it can be seen in a lot of their work. Such artists include Sir Frank Dicksee, Arthur Hacker, and Herber James Draper. The Two Little Italian Girls by a Village by John William Waterhouse is currently in a Private Collection. Elsewhere, you might also like the work of Degas, with classic paintings such as Ballet Rehearsal, A Cotton Office in New Orleans and The Blue Dancers.