Waterhouse was thrilled with beautiful women and this is unquestionable as he brings out this theme using clear color schemes, beautiful lighting and symbolism, as you can witness in his work of A song of springtime. Waterhouse was known for his painting signature style where he painted male characters but mostly, they appeared in the background while he often featured his female characters in the foreground. This style differentiated the female and male characters while also uniting them all at once.

The edges on Waterhouse's paintings always stood out. This allowed the viewer to move keenly and effortlessly from a particular area to another. He did this so that viewers can pay close attention to every detail in his painting as he put much effort in coming up with an appropriate setting through the pose of the figure, as we can see in his painting of A song of springtime. Waterhouse loved doing portraits of women as he saw it as an opportunity to bring out their innocence, purity, ethereal as witnessed in A song of springtime. In his paintings, he brought out the importance of his viewers' need to interpret women.

While painting women in his portraits, he made sure they had luminous porcelain skin. This way, the women looked pure and innocent as is evident in a song of springtime. This skin tone was a way of glorifying the beauty of a woman. The details In the background of the portraits and the details in the foreground were equal in nature and he complimented this by using color. He liked using faint colors for the background details so that viewers can focus mainly on the foreground. The faint colors were a way of bringing out the painting's mood. While painting his women figures, he painted them in romantic clothes and he used a drapery style to show movement. In the portrait, a song of springtime, the woman is wearing white translucent fabric clothing hanging loosely below her breasts.

This way, he portrays the subtle sexual nature of women without portraying a lot of nudity. In the portrait, the woman is surrounded by children who appear to be picking flowers. The green color he uses symbolizes fertility and it appears to be the spring period as many flowers are blossoming. This blossoming symbolizes the woman's growing beauty. Waterhouse has been able to inspire other artists to draw their paintings in a romantic nature as a way of glorifying women's beauty. His artwork has also helped shape the British art industry as he was the founder of the 'romanticism art movement' painting technique.

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A Song of Springtime in Detail John William Waterhouse